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i speak four languages and they’re called horny sad hungry and annoying

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So yeah, this is how my boyfriend asked me to prom last weekend :)


#Is anyone else hyperventilating at the fact that Klaus is practically rendered immobile by Caroline’s touches and kisses? #It’s like #his whole body is on #sensory o v e r l o a d from her threading her fingers into his hair at the nape of his neck, #tilting his head to deepen their kisses. #his lips are barely moving #they’re lazily closing onto hers #reacting to her kisses #his eyes are closed in fear of opening them and realizing it’s all a dream #Her hand grazing his stubbled jawline, #touching his ear, #practically g r a s p i n g at any opportunity for physical contact. #Add the overwhelming sensory feelings to his actual #emotional feelings and he is #unable to move, #to react. #It’s almost as if he d o e s n ’ t believe it’s truly happening, #so he stays s t i l l and lets her control every aspect in f e a r of making a wrong move and ending his dream. #UGH NO ONE TOUCH ME #WE COULDN’T HAVE ASKED FOR A BETTER FIRST KISS #MY HEART HURTS JUST WATCHING THEM #they love each other so damn much #this is endgame #there is no other option #but for them to lose themselves in each other #for the rest of their eternal lives #always her light perfectly counteracting his darkness #her light seeping into his darkest crevices, #releasing the light she knows he still has tucked within him #buried deep within the facade of armor he’s built over 1,000 years #pushing away rejection #his feelings of self-deprecation #being hated by his own family #being called an a b o m i n a t  i o n. #finally he found h i s light, #his little piece of f o r e v e r #and he’s sure as hell n e v e r letting go of it. #can we also talk about the symbolism once again #how her pristine, radiant, blonde hair #perfectly balances out his darker locks #and his face that is submerged in a darker lighting than hers #she’s all light and radiance #and he’s still struggling to step out of his darkness #but then their lips meet and n o n e of it matters.

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friends are like money I don’t have any money

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Enjoying some dark chocolate almond milk in my favorite cup before work


it’s the cutest cup :3

i see your cat cup and raise you a cat bowl



Your cat bowl has nothing on my

Measuring cups


u wanna go

have a taste of my cat teapot


Bro, get a look at my


Actual cat

Biatch please, I have a gang.


You people are the best people

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